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• Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Anybody fancy some useful car buying tips, well you’ve found the right place! As you know, I’ve been in the motor trade for years and I’ve done everything from servicing to selling motors. As you can imagine I picked up a fair few tricks of the trade over the years and they have served me well and got me an excellent deal on my second hand Jaguar XF, so I thought I would share some tips with you guys.

First and foremost, Make sure you know exactly what you want, if you go into a dealership with confidence that is backed up by knowledge and research the dealer will pick up on it, and will be less likely to try and talk you into doing something that you don’t really want. This means know your preferred trim and spec, don’t just go in and give a vague preference for say, a Lexus CT. Doing this will open you up for a variety of imposed “alternate options”, and before you know it you have a completely different car on your drive for a price that was outside of your budget.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to haggle! The dealer will always advertise their best case scenario price, and don’t be fooled if there is a higher number crossed out next to the buy it now price. Chances are that original crossed out price was crossed out before it even reached the showroom. For example, I’ve bought my daughter a Kia Ceed last year and the price tag read as follows: “£8,000 Now £7,500” and I ended up getting it for £6,250 after a bit of bartering. You might not get that lucky every time but it’s always worth a shot.

Finally try and target your purchase for the end of the month. I remember when I was a salesman I would be much more willing to give discounts towards the end of the month when I was trying to hit my targets, I practically gave away an Mg ZT back in 2003 to hit mine. So bare this valuable fact in mind when it comes to buying your next car. The salesman isn’t always the one who is in the position of power and I’m telling you that from experience.

Finally, there is always room for manoeuvre when you are buying your car. The forecourt is a battlefield and these days the buyer has more ammunition than ever before; thanks to the internet you can arrive with quotes and all sorts of different information which will put you in a stronger position to get a good deal. And don’t assume this is just on the cheaper cars, whether you’re after a second hand Mazda 3 or a Porsche, there are always deals to be made.

Jacks Tip: one of the best ways to fund your new vehicle purchase, if you can, is to sell your classic car – it could be worth thousands. You can cash in on it at any of these sites:

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• Thursday, July 10th, 2014

The Boxster has been subtly redesigned by Porsche. The Boxster now sports an exterior design true to traditional Porsche form. The Boxster has been totally restyled to lessen its resemblance to the Porsche 911 and to bring it back to a more traditional form.


The Boxster delivers excellent handling and a choice of impressive engines. The Boxster’s interior is impressive but the most impressive enhancements are not so easily seen.

The Boxster’s engines are more powerful than before and its suspension has been revised along with improvements in handling and the inclusion of electronic aids. The Boxster has enjoyed a great deal of popularity since its introduction the added enhancements will increase the Boxster’s desirability.


The Boxster is more costly to purchase than most of its competitors but it also offers a lot of value for the money. The Boxster is fast and boasts a good build quality. Resale values should be high and maintenance is likely to be routine.

The Boxster is not a spacious vehicle. Available cabin space is surprisingly much more limited than exterior dimensions suggest.  The Boxster does boast pretty impressive boot space however and a decent glovebox.

The Boxster’s instrumentation and cabin design are based on the Cayenne. The Boxster’s main controls and dials are large and well designed. The roof is easy to retract with the pull of a lever and the push of a button.

Passengers will not have any trouble getting comfortable inside of the Boxster’s cabin. The seats are supportive and the Boxster provides fully adjustable seats. Engine noise is better disguised with the top up but has an appealing sound with the top down as well.

The Boxster provides good accessibility. The doors open wide providing a large aperture that facilitates accessibility. The Boxster’s doors are large and heavy and may present difficulties in a crowded parking lot.

Life Style

The Boxster is a fun car to drive with enhanced steering and plenty of grip. Enthusiastic drivers will appreciate the powerful engines that are available. Porsche’s 2.7-litre six cylinder engine is more than competent.

The Boxster is a two-seater and is much too small for a family car. The Boxster was not designed to lug a family or their cargo around. It would make a really fun second car or even third car for a family.

The Boxster would be a really fun first car for those who could afford it. It is unlikely that many first time buyers could afford the initial purchase price, insurance and fuel for the Boxster.

Porsche has never had an image problem and the Boxster will only serve as a compliment to the firm’s already positive image. Some dispute the quality of materials used in the cabin (centre console), but for the most part the baby Porsche is very impressive.

Security and Safety

The Boxster is an attractive car with plenty of curb appeal. Porsche has taken this into account and has included remote central locking and an engine immobolizer as standard. Porsche has even included the option of a hard top for buyers who desire increased security.

The Boxster comes equipped with an array of safety features including twin front airbags, side and head airbags. Other standard safety features include rollover safety features, and Porsche Stability Management.

The Finishing Touches

The Porsche Boxster’s standard audio unit includes a radio and CD player. The standard unit provides good sound quality but optional upgrades are available from the options list including a sat-nav system and a trip computer.

The Boxster’s exterior looks the most attractive in silver. Dark metallic colours increase the Boxster’s charm and a mixture of cloth and leather successfully create a classy and sporty atmosphere in the cabin area.



The Boxster’s traditional design will be appealing to many buyers, but its performance and build quality will impress even more buyers. The Boxster has been enhanced in all the right places and offers buyers a complete package.

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• Thursday, July 10th, 2014

We love a good deal on a nice set of wheels, but usually this can require a fair bit of research work and luck. Now however thanks to the new Dacia Duster, you can get your hands on a brand new 4×4 for the miniscule price of £11,495, there is also a 2WD version which sits at £9,495 which is also incredible value. Due to the Dusters incredibly low listed prices, Dacia have got a strict policy whereby they don’t give out any discounts which is hardly surprising.

So we have established that the Dacia Duster is dirt cheap, but it is also actually a pretty sound car which ticks most, if not all of the essential boxes and usually for a car of the Dusters size you would be spending a good several thousand pounds more than you would with the Duster. Though the Dacia Duster is pretty new to UK streets, it has survived the test of time in other countries, countries which will have also provided a harsher environment in terms of road quality than that in the UK.

The only let down for us is that didn’t do too well in the NCAP crash tests and only managed an overall score of 3 out of 5. I guess there had to be something negative that would reflect with the Duster’s incredible value.

If you want a Duster but £9,495 is a little outside of your budget, it might be worth waiting to get a good deal on a second hand Dacia Duster in a couple of years when they are a bit more common in the Used Car Market. But as of yet, the majority of Dusters on the road belong to first time owners.


So there you have it, the Dacia Duster is one of the best cars there is when considering value for money alone. As far as deals for wheels go it is up there with the best, and it doesn’t look half bad either.

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