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Alfa Romeo has done it again. The pretty GT looks all business from the outside with its sleek Italian style, but the car’s extravagant interior cabin is also designed to impress. The car is not all looks however; the front-drive GT also drives and handles well.


Alfa Romeo is well-known for designing cars that are showy yet elegant. Some of their more recent designs have not been short on looks, but have fallen short when it comes to performance. The Alfa Romeo GT carries on the tradition of beauty for the Italian company and gives them a much needed boost in the performance sector as well.

German makers tend to lead the market in sales of small coupes. This is due partly to the lack of competition in this area. Many of the leading producers are unrepresented in the small coupe sector, and as a result these cars tend to come with an extremely high price tag. The GT however; is very affordably priced and is a welcomed and affordable option for buyers who are in the market for a small coupe. The Alfa Romeo GT is extremely attractive, reliable, and affordably priced. This is great news for Alfa Romeo fans, but not such great news for the competition.


There is a lot of competition among the high-end competitors giving the GT a huge cost advantage. The GT also brags a high level of standard kit and offers the option of a diesel variant that can save on fuel costs. Despite these money saving features insurance and servicing can be costly.

The GT is not a spacious car. The rear hatch is small and can only accommodate smaller items. The rear seats can fold down hatch-back style to accommodate larger items. Cabin space is adequate for comfortable driving and riding for most passengers. The glove box is also on the small side but various storage bins and trays located inside the cabin allow for storage of small miscellaneous and odd items.

Alfa Romeo’s trademark dials complete the cars interior façade. They are functional and accommodate the comprehensive trip computer. The car’s stereo system is functional, but the buttons are too small making it difficult to change functions. The car is equipped with convenient rotary ventilation controls and digital displays. The main backlight color is red making it difficult to read the instruments at night.

The sporty two-door GT coupe has a more comfortable driving position than past Alfa Romeos, and the cabin is small but comfortable. The cabin would accommodate most drivers easily, but headroom is limited for taller drivers. There is more leg room for the front passenger and driver, but the low seating can pose problems for some passengers. Rear seating would more easily accommodate children rather than adults, and the hatch is small but easily accessible. The GT looks, handles, and sounds more like a sports car than other traditional hatch-backs.

Even tough the GT is a small car; it can be difficult to park. The car is equipped with a rear screen and a rear bootlid making it difficult to see. Door mirrors are also on the small side making it even more difficult to park at times. The car steers tightly and easily at low speeds.

Life Style

The GT true to its image is fast and exciting to drive. A more comfortable driving position makes it an even more attractive choice. The Alfa Romeo GT comes with three engine options. The 2.0 JTS is designed to be driven hard, and the JTD model provides a smoother ride, and of course there is the more standard V6 option. The steering is designed to be accurate, light, and fast.

The Alfa Romeo GT would not make a good family car. It would make a better second car. Access to the backseat is limited and would not be convenient for the daily demands of family life. Also the limited carrying capacity and storage might not be ideal for a family situation.

The GT may not be the best choice of cars for first time car buyers. It is on the expensive side to purchase and upkeep and maintenance are also on the expensive side. It would also be costly to insure and due to limited visibility it may be difficult for new drivers to park. This car is more practical for experienced drivers.

Security and Safety

Alfa provides remote central locking with an electronic code plus an alarm immobilizer. However, due to the cars sporty look and overall appeal it might be wise to invest in additional theft deterrent devices.

Although Alfa Romeo doesn’t boast that it has the highest safety standards, the Italian based company doesn’t take safety lightly. The car comes equipped with twin front, side and curtain airbags. The GT features anti-lock brakes and a comprehensive electronic stability system.

The Finishing Touches

The Alfa GT comes equipped with a standardized stereo unit. The standard unit performs well, but the small buttons make it difficult to manipulate. The access controls located on the steering wheel make it much easier to control. The CD player can be upgraded with an optional disc changer, or the more expensive option has a colour screen enhancement and east to use controls.

The most popular and all-time favorite exterior color among Alfa Romeo fans is red. The bright color makes the already showy car stand out among the crowd.



Alfa Romeo’s GT is the perfect head turner. It feels (and rightfully so) like all eyes are on you as you sit behind the wheel. The cars good looks are matched by the cars power and ability. The GT is an affordable coupe that offers a fresh and welcome change to the less affordable cars offered by BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

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