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BMW’s M5 is the ultimate sports saloon. It rivals big name competitors in all out speed, and maintains BMW’s sporty, high-class look.  This car definitely has snob appeal with its good looks and saloon functionality. The 5 Series has caught buyer’s attention with a combination of looks, speed, and performance. There are lengthy waiting lists for the M5, despite the hefty price tag that the car comes with.


The BMW 5 Series is taking a more hi-tech approach to performance. The M5 offers a semi-auto gearbox, adjustable suspension, and a V10 engine. The engine is most impressive; it sounds great and runs fast. The powerful engine and rear wheel drive make this a very attractive vehicle. This car is not great on gas mileage, but that is not likely to matter to the buyer.

BMW has created a fast, stylish car with a lot of power. The M5 is a fast car, but it is also a fun car to drive without sacrificing practicality. There are many brag points associated with this vehicle besides its complex V10 engine. For instance, it sports an F1 style gear shift, has adjustable suspension, and an array of lightweight components all designed using the latest technology.


The 5 Series comes with many perks, and the price is a direct reflection of those luxuries. This is a costly car to buy and run. Insurance runs high and fuel economy is fairly low, especially when driven hard.

Front cabin space is good with plenty of legroom and head room for most passengers, back cabin space is also decent with good legroom and adequate headroom. Most adults should fit comfortably. There are several storage devices geared toward storing miscellaneous items and saving space.

The car comes with two front cup holders. These come in handy, but their quality doesn’t match the rest of the cabin’s features. They just look cheap. The boot is a moderate size and is only big enough for shopping and maybe a few smaller suitcases.

The controls and instruments are designed in true BMW fashion. They are clear, easy to use, and modern. The car’s head-up display projects speed, gear position, sat-nav instructions, and other useful information can be programmed to display only the information that you want.

The 5 Series is more than reasonably comfortable. The seats adjust and support where needed, and provide a comfortable driving position. The V10 engine noise is a constant reminder of what’s under the hood, especially while changing gears.

Access to the front cabin is spacious and easy enough, but the rear is a little more difficult to access. Smaller rear apertures somewhat limit rear access for larger passengers.

Maneuvering the car to park is fairly simple. The good-sized mirrors are easy to use and visibility is good too. The process is simplified even further with parking sensors. The only drawback to parking this vehicle is the gearshift tends to be a little finicky at times.

Life Style

This car has fantastic driver appeal. It is a nice looking car, but its looks do not do justice to its capabilities. It’s hard not to be impressed with this Series, the car has a 5.0-litre V10 engine, it’s fast, fun, dependable, and extremely easy to drive.

The 5 Series does not have all the luxuries of modern family vehicles, but it is capable of providing reasonable transportation for a small family. The boot would not be very accommodating for strollers and similar objects, but it would hold a moderate amount of shopping. The 5 Series’ leather interior also might not be kid friendly.

Even if a new driver could afford the car, it is not a good first vehicle for a beginner. The car boasts a top engine speed of 200 mph and is powered by a 507bhp engine; insurance wouldn’t be practical for a newly licensed driver.

The 5 Series definitely has a quality fit and finish, which is reflected by its hi-tech design and high price tag. This car is stylish and sports BMW’s famous logo. Image-wise the car is doing great-people are literally lined up waiting to get their hands on one.

Security and Safety

The 5 Series sports all the usual security devices. It comes with a standard remote central locking device, an alarm and immobilizer system. Given the car’s image and popularity it would be wise to invest in a tracking device as well.

The cabin comes stocked with many airbags, and the aid of the head up display. Various gear-shift and traction modes add to the over all safety of the vehicle.

The Finishing Touches

The 5 Series comes with a great stereo and sound system, of course the buyer is paying plenty for it. The sound quality is good and the visual display makes it easy to keep track of the various functions. Stereo control via the iDrive system can be challenging at first, but will get easier. The display makes reading the sat-nav system easy too.

The 5 Series offers exterior colors that are unique to the Series. Most of them work well, lighter colors tend to fair better than the darker ones. The interior is leather with the option of various trim inserts.



This car has amazing performance potential and still manages to handle the rigors of daily life. This car is an executive family car that has the speed of a Ferraris or a Porsche. All things considered, this car delivers great value for the money.

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